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Active Living Research: The Rural Active Living Assessment (RALA) Tools

The Rural Active Living Assessment (RALA) Tools assess the physical environment features and amenities, town characteristics, community programs, and policies that can affect physical activity among residents in rural communities. This tool is suitable for both practitioners and researchers. The tools include a RALA Codebook that provides users with a practical and simple guide for implementing the tool in rural communities across the U.S.

Geography:United States
Resource Type:assessment tool or guide
Subtopic:assessment & evaluation, active transportation & recreation, Data Collection & Analysis, Recreation & Health, Data Collection & Analysis, Recreation & Health,
Tags:assessment, assessment tool, health, physical activity, active living, built environment, infrastructure, rural community, data collection, planning

Housing Assistance Council: Rural Data Portal

The "Rural Data Portal" is a simple, easy to use, online resource that provides essential information on the social, economic, and housing characteristics of communities in the United States. The Rural Data Portal is targeted toward rural communities, but a wide range of information is presented for the nation, states, and counties for rural, suburban and urban areas.

Geography:United States
Resource Type:data source
Subtopic:socio-economic & other data, rural community issues & solutions, Data Collection & Analysis, Community Building,
Tags:data & analysis, demographic data, economic data, housing data, rural community, statistics

Idaho Rural Partnership

The Idaho Rural Partnership (IRP) joins diverse public and private resources in innovative collaborations to strengthen communities and improve life in rural Idaho.

Resource Type:information source
Subtopic:economy, assessment & evaluation, Data Collection & Analysis, Business & Economy,
Tags:information, rural community

Smart Growth Self-Assessment for Rural Communities

This self-assessment helps communities identify gaps in their policies, plans, codes, and zoning regulations by asking a series of "Yes" or "No" questions. All communities begin by completing the self-assessment's Revitalize Village and Town Centers section, which gives a baseline indication of smart growth development policies within the jurisdiction. It goes beyond regulatory issues to help communities take stock of their local initiatives, strategies, and plans.

Geography:United States
Resource Type:app or online tool
Subtopic:surveys & analytic tools, assessment & evaluation, local government, development & smart growth, land use & zoning, planning, redevelopment & revitalization, Data Collection & Analysis, Local Government & Services, Land Use Planning & Housing,
Tags:planning, assessment, assessment tool, smarth growth, master plan, redevelopment, local government, development