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Givens Pursley Law Firm: The Law of Planning, Zoning, and Property Rights in Idaho

Givens Pursley Law Firm in Boise has published Land Use Handbook: The Law of Planning, Zoning, and Property Rights in Idaho, and other handbooks of interest to Idaho communities. This explains comprehensive plans and related requirements. The handbook is free to download online.

Resource Type:information source, consultant or business
Subtopic:land use & zoning, planning, Land Use Planning & Housing,
Tags:planning, local government, planning commission

Montana Logos, LLC

Montana Logos has been responsible for the administration and operation of the Montana Motorists Sign Information and Tourist Oriented Directional Sign (TODS). Montana Logos offers a complete 'turn-key' approach where it is responsible for all marketing, administration, operational needs, and general oversight. Montana Logos maintains a local office and full-time staff who work solely on this signing program.

Resource Type:consultant or business
Subtopic:signage, transportation, marketing & assistance, Issues & Opportunities, Business & Economy,
Tags:transportation, information, marketing and promotion

Roger Brooks International

Roger Brooks is a renowned community branding consultant. On his website are free resources and the opportunity to participate in webinars.

Geography:United States
Resource Type:consultant or business
Subtopic:tourism, place making & destination development, Recreation & Health, Community Building,
Tags:branding, tourism, destination development, community development, economic development