WeCAN Design Team will Attend Learning Exchange at Kettering Foundation Headquarters

Submitted by lhiggins on Fri, 10/04/2019 - 13:55

Many WeCAN design team members will be in Dayton Ohio next week to share insights gained from the three state assessment development project and learn from the work of the Kettering Foundation. 

Learning Exchange description:

In this learning exchange, state officials will share what they are learning about ways people identify and commit civic resources—community assets that often go unrecognized and unused—to coproduce economic outcomes with public institutions.  Some of the research questions we will explore include:  How were problems associated with a rural community’s economic vitality named such that they captured what was most valuable to citizens, not just expert information?  How is the complementary production of a communities’ resources being integrated into economic development plans?  How do professionals navigate the various tiers of learning in regional networks? What are professionals and citizens learning about how to maintain the civic momentum gained through complementary public acting? 

Dayton, OH