Workforce Solutions Employee/Employer Survey

Submitted by marci on Thu, 09/08/2022 - 10:23

During the last Peer Learning Network meeting, which focused on the upcoming October 6 Workforce Solutions Roundtable, we realized there is a lot we don’t know about employment in our communities. We decided to survey employers and employees to learn more.

Here’s the thing: we need to get survey responses quickly so we can use what we learn to shape the Roundtable. There are two separate surveys, and both are ready for responses now. We need your help recruiting employers and employees to take the survey by September 22.

The employer survey is focused on people who are in charge of hiring and pay/benefits decisions; the employee survey is for people who are employed and/or looking for work. Just like we do in the PLN and the Roundtable, we are focused on encouraging responses from communities under 10,000 in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

The survey should take less than ten minutes to complete. Responses are anonymous.

Even though we only have three weeks to gather responses, we believe if we all work together, we can collect a good body of data to help us all understand rural workforce issues better and orient the Roundtable to address some of the most important concerns and issues. If you want meaningful results, please help us get the word out to your networks. If you live in a rural community, the best approach might be a personal request. If everyone aims to recruit five people from their communities to take the survey, we’ll have a lot to work with after just two weeks!

Employee Survey Here

Employer Survey Here

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